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Swiss School of Latin American Studies

The interdisciplinary and inter-university Swiss School of Latin American Studies (SSLAS) consists of a training and research forum for doctoral and postdoctoral students in the social sciences and the humanities working on Latin America.

Students from a broad range of fields such as politics, sociology, history, anthropology, cultural studies, geography, environmental studies, etc., are welcome to participate in the program. The SLASS is designed as a training module with approximately four PhD Workshops per year taking place in different universities in Switzerland, along with other activities such as practical skill building courses and retreats. Regularly held in the format of workshops, the doctoral students are allowed to address theoretical and methodological questions as well as facilitate contact with domestic and international experts on different topics on Latin America. The SSLAS allows doctoral and postdoctoral students to attend single workshops and events. The overall aim of the program is to foster outstanding interdisciplinary exchange and research that transcends national, political and ethnic boundaries.

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